Meet the Trainers

Juli Tilsner

JULI TILSNER has been attending births since the birth of her own daughter in 1977. She gave birth at a midwife directed, experimental birth center within the hospital. The midwife she saw for prenatal care was also to be her delivering midwife. It was this experience of continuity of care combined with the hands off nature of the midwifery model that left a long term impression. Through the years, she attended the births of friends and family until she realized that birth work was calling.

Juli's career began with becoming a Bradley Method Certified Childbirth Educator in 1999. Within 2 weeks of becoming an instructor, she was offered an administrative job at a free standing birth center. This was the turning point where suddenly the teaching of childbirth classes, working in a birth center, taking doula clients and beginning a midwifery apprenticeship all converged at the same time. Three years later she went to El Paso, Texas for a 3 month didactic at Casa De Nacimiento to finish up the requirements for her CPM.

As soon as she returned from El Paso she began her career as one of 3 midwives with Awakenings Birth Services. When the CA challenge process was approved and became available, she completed it and became a CA Licensed midwife in 2008.

In 2010 Juli enrolled in Pacific Academy of Homeopathy. Juli discovered homeopathy on her own path to self healing. She started seeing a homeopath in 1995. Because of the amazing transformative and healing experiences she experienced, homeopathy became a focus throughout her midwifery and she is well known in the Birth community for her workshop and booklet for anyone that assists women during pregnancy: Homeopathy Essentials for the Childbearing Year.

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Sharon Craig Economides

SHARON CRAIG ECONOMIDES is a mother, midwife and lactation consultant. She has been serving childbearing families since 2002 when she began attending births as a doula. Born at home with a midwife, Sharon has valued the midwifery model of care from an early age. As a student midwife, Sharon apprenticed at The Birth Home, a free-standing birth center run by nurse-midwives and an obstetrician in Pleasanton, California. She also completed 3-month internships at a maternity hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia and a birth center in the Philippines.

In 2005, Sharon completed the clinical requirements of midwifery training and passed the North American Registry of Midwives exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She has been a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife since 2008 and worked for three years with Awakenings Birth Services, a group homebirth midwifery practice based in San Francisco and the East Bay. She has been a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife since 2008. Sharon has been a faculty member of Aviva College, an online direct-entry midwifery education program since 2009 and values the importance of training the next generation of midwives.

In 2009, Sharon completed her Masters degree in Midwifery with a thesis on the factors involved in why women choose homebirths. During the same year, she completed advanced breastfeeding training and the requirements to take the IBLCE exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Sharon receiving the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) Sapling Award at the 2009 MANA conference “Rising Tide: Women, Midwives and the Future” in Asilomar, California. Sharon has volunteered internationally as a midwife, community health education trainer and midwife trainer. She served on the board of Circle of Health International and currently volunteers as a member of the Publications Committee of the International Lactation Consultants Association.

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