Midwifery Training Courses

We offer two types of courses: beginner modules and advanced, one-day salon workshops.

In-depth Beginner Modules


Module 1: Fundamentals of Midwifery Practice

Target Audience

Appropriate for all levels of experience.

This in-depth course covers the basics of the midwifery model of care. This course is designed to give you strong preparation in midwifery, which will provide an advantage for being accepted into a midwifery apprenticeship. Learn more →


Module 2: Midwifery Skills

Target Audience

Appropriate for all levels of experience.

This in-depth course will give you a strong foundation of hands-on skills that are necessary for your midwifery studies and practice. Gain essential hands-on training that is required through midwifery distance learning courses, as well as apprenticeships. **All skills will be practiced with and on fellow midwifery students, except for urinary catheterization and cervical dilation checks, which are practiced on an anatomical model. Learn more →


Module 3: Labor & Birth

Target Audience

Beginning midwifery students or as a refresher course for advanced students and midwifery apprentices.

This in-depth course covers responsibilities, techniques, skills, traditional tools and tricks of the trade for all stages and phases of labor and birth. Learn more →


Module 4: Postpartum, Placenta, Homeopathy and Suturing

Target Audience

Appropriate for midwives and midwifery students. 15.5 CEU's Available.

This essential and very in-depth course covers topics that are necessary for building a well-rounded skill set in your midwifery practice. The topics and tools covered in this module will give you a specialized, deeper understanding of the postpartum period for both mom and baby to serve as a strong platform for your career as homebirth midwife. This module also includes Cornerstone's very popular homeopathy for birth professionals workshop. Learn more →

One-day Salon Workshops

blood platelets

Student Midwife Salon: Prenatal & Postpartum Bleeding

Target Audience

Students & Licensed Midwives

This is your essential skill set for midwifery practice. One of the most common and potentially disempowering situations as a midwife, is bleeding. Increase your confidence level with this workshop. We will learn tools from an assortment of modalities, holistic to medical. Learn more →

BP cuff

Student Midwife Salon: Clinical Skills

Target Audience

Student Midwives & Apprentices

This full day workshop is dedicated to sharpening your skill set with hands on practice — blood pressure, venipuncture and catheterization training. We also cover PAP, vaginal exams, dilation and fetal presentation. Practice on a state of the art anatomical model. Learn more →